28 January, 2008

WSC Show #80 - Interviews with Lissa Levin, Dan Guntzelman, Ron Moskovitz and Bobby Gaylor

In today’s episode we continue a series of interviews to ask some writers on the line about their feelings regarding the terms of the tentative agreement between the DGA and the AMPTP. Featured are Lissa Levin, Dan Guntzelman, Ron Moskovitz and Bobby Gaylor. Recorded Tuesday, 22 January 2008.

Hosts: Tanja Barnes, Bill Funt
Music: "Ay Mambo" by Falik
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shortgirl said...

Ms. Barnes - Please remove the video below "Is this the future of media". If I click on a link on your page & return, it plays again. You have no control to halt it & I have to pull up volume control to mute it & then cannot enjoy your other podcasts & links. I enjoy you work.

Thank you.

shortgirl said...

I enjoy your* work. I will preview my comments in the future.

Thank you.

Tanja Barnes said...

shortgirl, i made the corrections and commented on that post. sorry! please leave more comments!

shortgirl said...

Thank you! I visit your site several times a day and appreciate your links and interviews. I cannot use your RSS feed on My Yahoo and do not know the solution to this problem. I RSS (it's a verb now!) many sites but always get an error message when I try to add yours.

Keep up the excellent work.

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