31 December, 2007

WSC Show #54 - Interview with Jeff Rogers

In today’s episode I go along with the members of the WGA to Los Angeles City Hall for a hearing on the strike's economic impact. While I was there, I run into an old friend by the name of Jeff Rogers, the Communications Specialist for the Service Employees International Union Local 721. Jeff is my featured guest in today’s episode.

On the morning of December 19, 2007 the Los Angeles City Council’s Housing, Community, and Economic Development Committee conducted a hearing on the economic impact of the Writers Guild of America strike on the local and regional economy. In this previous blog posting is a complete special edition of the Writers' Strike Chronicles podcast that includes 10 recordings of the speakers that stood before the council hearing that morning. Included are: John Bowman, WGA Negotiating Committee Chair; Los Angeles City Council president Eric Garcetti; and Jack Kyser representing the Los Angeles Economic Development Office.

Special note: this is the last episode of the podcast for 2007. I'll be off-line for the next few days as I take some time off to visit friends in San Francisco for New Years. As my parting shot for all my listeners, I leave you with a song of hope and a message of humor. It’s a mashup by Wax Audio entitled “Imagine This”.

Happy New Year! May 2008 be better than last year. :)

Tanja Barnes

"Ay Mambo" by
"Imagine This" by Wax Audio


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