15 February, 2008

WSC Show #98 - Interviews with Michael Perry and Remi Aubuchon

In today’s episode I continue with a series of recordings made earlier this week when the membership of the Writers Guild of America voted to lift the restraining order, and end the strike during the ratification process of the proposed contract. Today’s guests are writers Michael Perry (who was a guest on the show a few weeks back) and Remi Aubuchon. Recorded Tuesday, 12 February 2008.

Producer/Host: Tanja Barnes
Music: "Ay Mambo" by Falik
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VDOVault said...

Hi Tanja

Have you considered contacting the NY Times at:

The New York Times
620 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10018
Tel: (212) 556-1234
Fax: (212) 556-7088 or (212) 556-5830

and asking whether or not the Times has an ombudsman or ombudsperson on staff (either in the print division or the online division) you can speak with?

In case you are wondering an ombudsman/ombudsperson is, if you will, an on-staff critic and liason to their audience. In the older days they used to take the emotional temperature of their readers and often had columns in which they would discuss how they could do their coverage better.

With the disruptive move of audiences from old media to new media, many mainstream media outlets have eliminated the position of ombudsman/ombudsperson (mostly to cut costs). I do believe that at least the News Hour on PBS still has an ombudsperson but I fear that even the Old Gray Lady has sacrificed such a vital voice which to me diminishes the quality of the outlet's coverage even though it is not a particularly 'sexy' role for a staffer to play.

My take on this inconsistency at TV Decoder is since that the NYT is so vested in the old media universe they don't really understand how upsetting it is to people when legitimately relevant comments and/or links are not included on blog posts. It is one thing to remove irrelevant posts and comments (like say advertisements) but it is quite another thing to silence differing opinions.

Good luck to you in getting to the bottom of this

Susan Olson
Moderator & Law & Order: Criminal Intent Fan Liason
Fans For The WGA

Tanja Barnes said...

Hey Susan,

No, I failed to consider this solution as you have so well pointed out. Thank you so very much and thank you for explaining how this works and also for providing information on how to pursue this further. You simply rock!

I honestly don't believe the Grey Lady is being draconian in her moderation of comments. However, I do feel that she is being inconsistent. As old media morphs into new media these sorts of things make me wonder: What can I as a reader reasonably expect from the press? What can newspapers offer as their readers shift their eyes to digital mediums?

In my mind, a newspaper's blog is a town square and as such I'd like to see more of a conversation between the people that bring you the news and the people who read it. My two cents and YMMV.

Thanks again for giving me this information. I will check it and follow through. I'm sure, at the very least, it will be a very interesting conversation.


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