13 February, 2008

A note from Steve Leiva

Steven Leiva, a gate captain at CBS Radford and a writer who's been a guest on my podcast sent the following out to his list:

To my team and the good friends,

I made "On the Line" -- where you'll see a photo of yours truly with WGA president Patric Verrone!

I was asked to be a ballot counter last night after the vote. It was an incredible evening, calm, business-like, yet with an underlining emotion of happy, for some giddy, satisfaction. I counted ballots with Robin Swicord, Nick Kazan and Larry Gelbert, not to mention D.C. Fontana of the original Star Trek. It was an honor to sit at the table with these talents. As I was counting ballots I came upon one on which the voter had written HELL just before the YES box. And in the upper right hand corner the voter had written, PATRIC VERRONE IS A HERO! I could not agree more.

I then got to watch the press conference where Patric announced that the strike was over.

It was all a rather incredible experience. As the whole strike has been, especially as I -- and I think many of us -- came to the realization that we are all part of a community, and that that community is strong!

To all of you I wish the best of creative futures -- good writing, good pay, good times!



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