08 January, 2008

Welcome to the Human Network

I tagged this in my del.ici.ous, but it's worth a separate blog post. In addition to announcing the Entertainment Operating System (EOS) at CES this week, Cisco goes all out with the "Human Network."
You can drag and drop people wherever they want to go!

(OK, who wrote that?)

Drag me baby! I love it when you drop me like that!

Is it the MyFace killer? Pro'ly not. It will most likely represent to social networking what the NY Times is to journalism. Perhaps, it'll give Current TV a run for the money.

I think the thing that disturbs me about this so-called human network ad is how young everybody is. I mean, the preponderance of millenials as opposed to boomers and even gen x'rs speaks volumes to me. Teenage wasteland, indeed.

I don't get it. Right now, the site seems to be just a random collection of blogs and websites that use Cisco products. Social networks are not about products, they're about people and the community those people create.

My two cents. YMMV.


UPDATE - 01/09/08 12:04 a.m. - I cross-posted this to my personal blog and got this comment from a friend: "Welcome to the digital divide, the new caste system, welcome to the ever widening chasm between wealth and poverty, welcome to the new world order… Welcome to globalization, powered by CISCO." Yeah. What he said.

UPDATE - 01/09/08 12:17 a.m. - This was posted on my personal blog. I *heart* this! Now we're talking!


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