04 January, 2008

NBC to Host Its First Digital Out-of-Home Upfront

I posted this in my del.ici.ous bookmarks, but thought it was worth a cross-post here.

Advertising Age is reporting that:
"In a sign of the emerging power of TV outside the home, NBC Universal will hold what media buyers are likening to an "upfront" presentation for its digital out-of-home assets Jan. 16. The media company is hoping to get more advertisers to consider NBC for placing ads on TV screens in supermarkets, near gas-station pumps, in taxi cabs and arenas, among other places. Set to be held in Studio 8H, the NBC presentation will address approximately 200 advertisers and media buyers."
Entire article here.

On a side note, I've been invited to contribute some of my del.ici.ous bookmarks with United Hollywood's. What an honor! UH steps up to crowdsourcing!

Look for my participation in bookmarks that will be tagged "uhlinks" on my tag roll and tag cloud.

My posting guidelines as suggested by John Aboud of UH, are as follows:
1.) something not from one of the major sites we all get news from (Variety, Nikki Finke, Defamer, LA Times. United Hollywood will have a separate page for them);
2.) can be either about the strike directly or about the future of content online (ah, my favorite topic!);
3.) not "breaking news" but interesting background or analysis.


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