21 December, 2007


I swear, the AMPTP is one step away from getting a blog. And they need one 'cause whomever wrote this latest open letter doesn't grok netiquette and the meaning of "ALL CAPS".

At any rate, in an effort to be fair and balanced, here's their open letter.

And FWIW here's my open shout out to the AMPTP:

Will you guys (or a reasonable facsimile and representative thereof) appear on my podcast and have a chat? I'm not a WGA member, but in an effort of full disclosure, as a member of SAG I am WGA sympathetic. I'd really, really love it if you came on my show and answered a few questions. I want to help you tell your story. And just so's you know, you would be considered a guest on my show and afforded all the respect due as someone invited into my own home.

Think about it.

This is an open invitation.


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