18 November, 2007

Why We Don't Support The WGA Strike

The Movie Blog gives a different point of view on the WGA Writer's Strike


Anonymous said...

As a working Local 399 Teamster could not agree with you more. These whining crybabys, who by the way have no idea what a strike does to the rest of the industry, have listened to this jerk Young, and think he is their hero. His ego has taken the WGA down a road not well traveled, and will lead the members to a very sad ending. There are several thousand people who are now out of work because of his inability to negotiate with the big boys. A loudmouth, and deceiver, not a "Rock star. They will get their residual's but it will be in the form of hate for the WGA, and it's members.

MT said...

I'm sorry, that's absurd. The residual system is already in place and is how the screenwriting profession is structured. This guy is free to disagree with that system, but it's perfectly fair for the writers to expect fair compensation within it, which they are not currently receiving.

His chair analogy is off as well. The reason the screenwriters want residuals from downloads etc, is because the studios make money directly off of their work in this capacity. If someone watches 'Heroes' on the NBC website, they are bombarded with ads from which the networks get paid. The guy who made the chair is not directly enabling the restaurant owner to make money because the chair is not making the money. A script most definitely is.

Anonymous said...

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